California - 22nd July to 10th August 2010


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From Bella Italia to Mission Improbable - the background to this life-changing trip.

Thu 22nd July

The 1st day - of a trip I hadn't envisioned a month ago.

Fri 23rd July

The 2nd day - preparing Jess's MP3 and getting acclimatised.

Sat 24th July

The 3rd day - getting some riding and exploration under my belt.

Sun 25th July

The 4th day - getting some real riding and further exploration accomplished.

Mon 26th July

Day 5 - but the first day of the real reason behind this trip.

Tue 27th July

Day 6 - real life in Kristin's world - but with my interruption.

Wed 28th July

The three-day trip pt1 - near Walnut Creek to near San Luis Obispo.

Thu 29th July

The three-day trip pt2 - near SLO to near Santa Cruz via Hwy 1.

Fri 30th July

The three-day trip pt3 - near Santa Cruz to home via SF and the Golden Gate bridge.

Sat 31st July

Day 10 - back to a normal routine, plans are made, and welcome to the red GTS 300.

Sun 1st August

Day 11 - Twisties, twisties, Mines Rd, Mt Hamilton, Sunol.

Mon 2nd August

Day 12 - Mt Diablo and the GTS gives us a glimmer of an idea.

Tue 3rd to Fri 6th August

Days 13-16 - Routine days - but a lot gets done.

Sat 7th August

Day 17 - The Three Peaks challenge - bring it on!!!

Sun 8th August

Day 18- A gentle day - painless shopping and sailing.

Mon 9th August

Day 19 - An even more gentle day.

Tue 10th August

Day 20 - flight home


The future beckons


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